Interviews, photos, and other glimpses into the filmmaking process—in filmmakers’ own words.
The Karate Kid
Ralph Macchio Waxes on and Waxes Off About 40 Years of 'The Karate Kid' (Exclusive)
Jun 27, 2024
One of cinema's most enduring underdog stories is turning 40 and celebrating the milestone with a fresh coat of wax, so to speak.
Kinds of Kindness
'You're Going to Be Doing Some Weird Stuff': Joe Alwyn and Mamoudou Athie Talk 'Kinds of Kindness' (Exclusive)
Jun 26, 2024
Joe Alwyn knew he would say 'yes' to 'Kinds of Kindness' before he even read the script. "I was just happy to get the call and excited to be back working with Yorgos," the actor says.
Barry Jenkins
Barry Jenkins Enters a New Era: 'This Is the First Truly Playful Choice I've Made' (Exclusive)
Jun 25, 2024
The Oscar-winning filmmaker opens up about his filmmaking journey, the importance of physical media, and his hopes for the future of Hollywood.
The Bikeriders
Austin Butler, Jodie Comer and Tom Hardy Break Down Their 'Bikeriders' Transformations (Exclusive)
Jun 20, 2024
The cast of 'The Bikeriders' on accents, improv and learning to ride a motorcycle.
The Bikeriders
With 'The Bikeriders,' Director Jeff Nichols Hits the Open Road (Exclusive)
Jun 20, 2024
Writer-director Jeff Nichols on the long road to making his motorcycle club drama: "It's the kind of movie that I fell in love with when I was a kid. That's why I made it."
How 94-Year-Old June Squibb Landed Her First Leading Role in an Action Movie (Exclusive)
Jun 20, 2024
June Squibb channeled her inner Tom Cruise to star in 'Thelma.' In conversation with A.frame, she discusses doing her own stunts and starring alongside Shaft himself, the late Richard Roundtree.
'Firebrand's Alicia Vikander and Jude Law on the Thrill of Playing Tumultuous Tudors (Exclusive)
Jun 20, 2024
"We really went there and it was bloody scary," Oscar winner Alicia Vikander says of playing Katherine Parr to Jude Law's Henry VIII in the historical drama 'Firebrand.'
Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Dramatic Actress? 'I Took a Leap of Faith, and I'm So Happy I Did' (Exclusive)
Jun 14, 2024
"I was hoping to find something dramatic to really sink my teeth into," Julia Louis-Dreyfus says of her new movie, 'Tuesday.' "This came my way, and I was immediately intrigued. The script was also cuckoo bananas!"
New Queer Cinema
The Legacy of New Queer Cinema, Told by Someone Who Was There at the Start (Exclusive)
Jun 13, 2024
"There was a feeling of wanting to tell our stories, wanting to see our images on-screen, which wasn't being done before in a way that was positive."
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